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Know your position in the big picture. And by that, which quadrant in the Cashflow Quadrant (Robert Kiyosaki, Author of Best Seller, Rich Dad Poor Dad) do you fall into? To sum up, Employees (E) and Sole Proprietors or Small Business (S) make up 95% of the population, but own 5% of the world’s wealth (!). They exchange their precious time for income. When they stop working or running their small business, the income stops coming but expenses continue to increase. This is a very high risk situation. If anything were to happen to their skills, company, industry, economy, health, how will they be able to provide for themselves and family dependents? Are you currently in these two quadrants?

On the other side, Businesses (B) with >900 people and Investors (I), they make up only 5% of the populations, but own 95% of the world’s wealth (!). This is possible because they don’t exchange time for money. Instead, their assets continue to generate income and wealth long after they complete the work that created it, irrespective of them being there or not. Assets create wealth. Examples of these assets are employees (who work for them), properties that is rented for income, franchises that you earn royalties and money invested with returns. This income is called residual or passive income. They enjoy time and financial freedom. However, they require very high capital and also very high risk over a long period of time (>10 years). Are you able to get into these two quadrants?

Conclusion: Find a way to create assets that generate income for you without you being there.

Exponential growth vs. linear growth accelerates your income creation. How? Consider this scenario. If the income you generate is a direct relationship with the time you put in working, then that is a linear growth (e.g. monthly salary). For example, $100 per day, for 30 days is $3000. However, if that relationship multiplies (e.g. every hour you put in, generates twice the income you get) you have exponential growth. For example, if you start with just $0.02 and double it every day for 30 days, you would have $10Million (vs. $3000)! This power of exponential growth is explosive.

Conclusions: Find a way to generate income exponentially instead of linearly.

Can you duplicate yourself sufficiently enough that you can have more time for yourself? This is very critical to understanding wealth creation. We do not have enough time in a day to do all the things we want to do. If we had more of ourselves, we could then do everything. Duplication than is essential. Similarly, if you could train 10 of you to do your work, you could then stay at home and spend time with your family while still creating more income (from the other 10 of you). Duplication requires a good system to copy from and paste to.

Conclusion: Duplicate because, who else other than you (and your spouse) is generating income for your family?

Why is McDonalds or Starbucks so successful? Other than delivering quality products, the way they are setup is virtually identical. This is because they have a proven business system that makes it simple to understand, operate and duplicate. Another word for a duplication business system is franchising.

Franchising offers an off the shelf proven system for a qualified person to purchase, operate and create income. The price of owning this duplication business system can be USD100K to USD500K with monthly royalty fees of USD2K – USD10K (or 20-50%). Although, franchising is a great way to duplicate from and create income. The franchising and royalty fees are very high for most to participate.

Conclusion: Find an affordable duplication business system that will allow you to duplicate yourself and your time to create more income than you can do yourself.

Clearly it can be seen that owning your own business is the right thing to do. However, every business person knows that if a business has a very low cost or overhead and the income keeps growing and is unlimited, than you have an ideal business. Who wouldn’t want their business to have low expenses while revenue keeps growing? In our rapidly changing economic and business environment cost savings or cost cutting has become vital to the survival of businesses where profits are squeezed with stiff competition and suicidal price wars. There must be a better way...

Conclusion: Find a franchising business that has minimal startup cost (~USD500), while income continues to grow exponentially as you invest time in it, educate yourself and market it.

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There is a better way; it’s called network marketing or direct selling.

It is the only business system that has all the elements of asset creation, exponential income growth, franchising and duplication system, minimal capital, very little to zero risk and very low cost or overhead.

Why does it make sense to start a network marketing business?

Here are the 14 important reasons why network marketing is so compelling for 67 Million people globally:

1. People trust personal recommendations. It is most likely that the movie you watched or the restaurant that you visited or the book you are reading was recommended to you by a friend. A summer blockbuster movie lives or dies by the word of mouth advertising it generates in the 1st week of opening. In fact word of mouth advertising is the most effective means of sharing information. This blends well with the rapid changes in the society as we are no longer in the age of physical distribution but of intellectual distribution. The rate at which 1 person shares with only 2 people, when duplicated will grow exponentially to 10Million in only 30 days! So one can see why word of mouth works so well.

2. Home base business boom is exploding. While many jobs are being moved to cheaper countries or eliminated due to consolidation and cost cutting initiatives, many newer opportunities are being created and they are happening at home. With no commute, no boss, flexible work hours and better work life, network marketing is changing people lives. The need for security and control has led to a rise in home-based businesses. "In the new economy the sheer quantity of compensation is no longer enough...we don't simply want money we want lifestyle." Paul Zane Pilzer, The Next Millionaires, 2006

3. Low investment (~USD500) means low risk. Can you imagine how much investment it would take to start your own business, employment, renovation, inventory, legal fees and transportation costs? And with these capital costs comes the huge risk. Barely 5% of all businesses stay in business after 5 years. Not many can afford to lose their hard earned savings that way.

4. The ability to build internationally and expand into various markets makes network marketing a truly diversified and exciting opportunity. Not only can you create assets locally, you can create assets globally. This creates a larger market size; which also means an opportunity for explosive income earnings.

5. Attractive tax advantages that were only limited to businesses (and the rich) can now be realised by anyone starting their own network marketing business. Such as certain legitimate operating expenses and taxed deferred savings and benefits. This is a huge benefit to most people who are employees who want to have the same tax benefits as normal businesses.

6. Residual or passive income can now be a reality. This means income keeps coming in long after you completed the work that created it. Although 80% of those who join the network marketing business make supplemental income, however, for many, “Network marketing gives people the opportunity to build an income generating asset and acquire great wealth.” by David Bach, Financial Planner and Author of “Start late, Finish Rich”.

7. Coupled with the power of world of mouth advertising; which grows at an explosive exponential rate, income generated from network marketing business does too. This is because in network marketing, distributors are compensated on multiple levels (>3 levels) for sharing and educating customers on ways to improve quality of life; and these customers in turn share and educate their friends and family. That is why; there are some very successful companies that have already paid out commissions of over USD1 Million to close to 600 distributors!

8. Network marketing is open to absolutely everyone who is determined to want a better life for their family and friends. It represents the purest form of equality through free enterprise. There are no glass ceilings or limitation between gender, race or education level. Based on data from the Direct Selling Association, 24% of distributors globally are high school graduates and more than 1/3 have a college degree.

9. Solid ethics and values are the cornerstone of good business. Network marketing operates on relationship built on trust. This long term business requires a high level ethics, integrity and a commitment to helping others become successful and more productive. It is a refreshing departure from typical traditional business of fierce competition and unethical practices. “You strengthen our country and economy not just by striving for your own success, but also offering opportunity to others. You also are a part of a global movement that promotes free enterprise and awards individual initiatives and in a very real way, promotes core values all around the globe.” – Bill Clinton, Former US President.

10. The need for personal development and growth is one of the key benefits people obtain through the network marketing business. The training and education delivered through network marketing teaches a person to be in the B quadrant, where leadership is required most. “Most schools train people for the E or S quadrants, and that is great if those are the quadrants in which you want to spend your life working for someone. Most MBA programs are training students for high-paying jobs in the corporate world as an E, not a B. Where can you find a business that will invest the time in your education, your personal development and building your own business? The answer is most network marketing businesses. I learned how to overcome my self-doubt, shyness and fear of rejection. And I had to learn how to pick myself up and keep going after I failed. These are some of the personal traits a person must develop if they are to be successful in a B-quadrant business, whether it is a network marketing business, a franchise or an entrepreneurial start up.” Robert Kiyosaki, Entrepreneur and author.

11. Expansion of social circles and networking among people is another ancillary benefit that can be most rewarding and valuable. “You are the same today that you are going to be in five years from now except for two things: the people with whom you associate and the books you read.” – Charles Jones. In network marketing, being able to be with, learn from and share with like-minded people who share the same vision and direction in life is comforting, synergistic and effective in achieving results.

12. The beauty of part time is in fact a very powerful proposition to many who are currently working full time and may not have the ability in terms of time and finance to go full time. In network marketing, starting off with 15-20 hours a week alone is sufficient enough to start with building a serious global opportunity. Part time also provides an ideal platform to network from and create relationships with which to expand and grow. Consider this, “I’m currently working full time on my living and working part time on my fortune. And I’m making twice as much part time on my fortune as I am working full time on my living. Would you like to hear my story?” – Jim Rohn, Master Motivator and Mentor to Anthony Robbins. That’s the magic of part time.

13. High stress & health issues in working life. Many professionals and business people are finding it hard to cope with the pressures of work while maintaining a healthy and stress free life. We see more and more examples of young people having symptoms of bad health and aging. Bad health and stress leads to lower performance, more stress and in some cases strains the relationship at home with family members. As work continues to build up with higher quotas, greater cost cutting measures and aggressive competition, network marketing provides a refreshing platform to create a flexible environment to better control one’s life, time and effort, in other words, be more productive and effective, and ultimately create a stress free life.

14. Leverage is a very powerful concept made famous by J. Paul Getty, who created one of the world's greatest fortunes, said "I would rather make 1 percent on the efforts of 100 people than 100 percent on my own efforts." This very basic concept is the cornerstone of network marketing, because the business system of duplication and multi levelled compensation plan creates an exponential income generating platform that is leverages on efforts of more people (who is creating their franchises) than one person doing it alone.

The above are the 14 compelling reasons why network marketing works. Look at what the industry players are saying:

“An investors dream, the best kept secret of the business world, an industry with steady annual growth, high returns on invested capital and long term prospects for global expansion.” – Fortune Magazine. Aug. 2004

Network Marketing is quoted in Success magazine as the “Most Powerful way to reach the consumer”. We now have companies like Coca Cola, Microsoft, AT&T, IBM, SHARP, TEXAS INSTRUMENTS, Gillette, and Colgate-Palmolive distributing some or all of their products through the Network Marketing channels.

Robert Kiyosaki explains The Perfect Business

After understanding the 14 compelling reasons why network marketing works, you may have some questions or some resistance to the idea of selling or approaching friends. Why not find out more about these questions or resistance (to network marketing that you may have). Personally, I had the same as well. But I soon found that it was based on my personal experience, understanding and openness, with that basis, i found that it wasn't true. I used my own logic and common sense to see it from a business point of view and then learnt how to do the business from successful people. The next section helps answers even more questions you have on common questions.


Given all these compelling reasons for network marketing, there are many who are sceptical, cautious and negative about this business system. Below are some of the typical objections that are prevalent and limiting the understanding and acceptance of this powerful 21st century business opportunity.

1. “It’s a pyramid scheme." A pyramid scheme is typically a get-quick-rich-scheme, they have a few common similarities: a) Claim that it is very easy and uplines will grow your network for you. b) Commission payout is via headcount recruitment and not through products and services. c) There is no or poorly defined refund policy. d) Prices are not standardized over multiple levels. E.g. your sponsor may be buying at a lower price than they are selling you. e) They are not registered with local DSA (Direct Selling Association). f) There is very little scientific or credible third party substantiation of their product and service claims. And because of these concerns, many people have been disillusioned by the promise of great wealth and dramatic product benefits. It is understandable that almost 95% of the population have a misunderstanding of network marketing.

However, there are many that are very successful, legitamate and approved by the DSA. Look for 3rd party references, such as, DSA, Publically Listed (NYSE), Consumer Association of Singapore (CASE) and the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations who endorse them.

2. “It’s already a saturated market.” This is a common misunderstanding of most people and it is quite true. However, consider this. There are over 30 insurance companies in Malaysia selling insurance to approx. 26 million people. And most people will own 2-3 policies over their lifetime if not more. However, the insurance companies are growing bigger than ever. Taking that point of view, saturation doesn’t seem to be a concern for them. Consider another scenario. Almost every house hold has 1-2 televisions already, but, there doesn’t seem to be a slowdown in television sales.

The good news about a saturated market is that it is good news for a strong and outstanding company, only then, will it stand out amongst the crowd. Furthermore, if there is a global network marketing company which extends outside your present country into other new markets and countries, and allows you to seamlessly connect with them, then the market keeps getting bigger and bigger. Saturation is really then a myth. Continue reading to find out more about such a company.

3. “I don’t like selling.” If we had a bad experience in the past of how a salesperson pressured us to buy something we didn’t want, we will typically assume that we do not want to be in that position (salesperson) as well. However, I’m sure you have met a great salesperson that you really enjoyed buying from and continue to want their service.

Selling is what we do every day and every moment. For example, we have to sell ourselves to our boss each day to promote or increase our salary, we have to sell to our children to do their homework and clean up their room, we have to sell our idea to our team members to gain support. Selling is very much communicating your vision to a friend such that they take action for themselves.

In short, business is about selling a solution that makes people’s lives better. And instead of selling, share something good that you have tried and let them buy it from the company. And through honest sharing of facts, scientific clinical studies, personal testimonials and credical and reliable 3rd Party references customers and friends build long term relationships and trust.

4. “The products are very expensive.” This is certainly the case if we compared it to something that was not of equivalent value and benefit. An orange is definitely cheaper than a branded durian. If one was to analyse the product ingredients and services, and compare them to what is available from retail outlets, one would see a big difference in cost. Did you know that a typical well known retail outlet will take 25-35% from the total sales price? And, did you know that about 15-20% of sales goes to advertising and payment of super stars and celebrities? And most important, after international, regional and national level exporters and importers take their percentage of the sales, the ingredient cost that ultimately reaches the consumer usage is only 0.01- 3% (!) In some network marketing companies, there are no retail outlets, no advertising, no international, regional and national level exporters and importers, so most of the cost and benefit will be passed to consumers using the product and good friends who are distributors of the product. I’m sure you wouldn’t know the sales promoter or salesperson as well as you know your friends of whom you have trusted for so long and have now introduced you a better quality product. Network marketing when understood presents one of the most ethical business models in the market today.

5. “I don’t want to lose my friends & family.” This is often the case when new people who join this growing business are not properly trained and guided to recruit and share the products or opportunity. In addition to the other typical objections already presented, most people already have misunderstood this business and therefore automatically do not give these newbie’s a chance to present this business. In network marketing and tradition business, professionalism and integrity is the key to long term sustained growth and expansion. Through tools such as this educational brochure and a more professional business approach, more and more people are seeing network marketing in a totally different light. If a person, totally believes in themselves and this industry to create wealth for their family, it is only noble that they share it with people they love and appreciate as well. The concept of making a difference everyday is something that is close to each of us, so why not help someone be free of financial and time stress and have more time with their family? Would it be something we all would want for each other anyway?

6. “I heard that you have to keep huge inventory or stock up.” There are some business plans who require large investments or stock up to enjoy certain levels of savings and position/title. However, this is not necessary the case for all network marketing companies. There are people who may immediately see the incredible potential of network marketing and may start the business in a large way. However, network marketing is for anyone who wants to change their life and work hard to create residual and exponential wealth. And for that to happen, there are no requirements to keep inventory or keep stock. But if you have a keen business sense and a vision to grow this business, it would make sense to have available popular products that people would want to take home and use right away. Again, keeping inventory and stocking up is NOT a requirement at all to do the business. Remember to ask me how to do it right the way?

7. “It’s time consuming and I’m too busy.” This is true for some and it depends on one thing and one thing only. A decision. If most people are already busy, then they may need to review their position in the Cashflow Quadrant (Explained earlier) and understand if that is how they want to continue living their life or would they want to consider escaping the rat race. Ask any successful leader or even an oak tree how they became so tall and strong. And they will tell you lots and lots of hard work and time. There is nothing that is easy, remember, anything easy is typically sleazy. However, network marketing is the only business where you create more time as you invest more time in it. However, time spent at work (working for others) creates less and less time for you in the future. The more people you enrol and become leaders, the less time you need to spend on the business itself. You may not understand this right now, but if a mechanical engineer, after working for 10 years can create the same income per month while investing 15-20 hours a week in a well known New York Stock Exchange listed network marketing company in 4 years part time, then in terms of time, that would be rather efficient, right? Squeezing 10 years full time into 4 years part time is simply amazing and 100% possible!

8. “There is a high attrition rate.” In any business, attrition is high. Just ask your local commerce office for the statistics. For every 100 businesses, only 5 will still be around after 10 years, yet there are thousands of people going into business each day (!) In any case, there are about 90% attrition rate in network marketing as an industry. And there are a multitude of reasons for this to happen and for people to just quit the business. Most will quit during the first year of the business, when everyone jumps on board without realising the investments in time and education needed. Some will quit because they have different priorities and requirements in life. Some will quit because they didn’t know (and was not trained or guided) how to handle objections. Some will quit because their friends and family laughed at them for dreaming and wanting more. Some quit because the company, products or plan didn’t live up to their expectations. Some quit because of the team that they were in. As you can see, there are a million reasons to quit. Since everyone has a different background, experience and exposure, why some quit and yet why so many still succeed is all different. Therefore, their reasons to quit may be the reason why you will succeed. That’s why there is an opportunity still! But do you want to find out?

9. “I can’t take rejection.” This is almost the root of most people’s fear, the fear of being rejected. But if we stop to think about rejection, although it may hurt at first, but all that rejection really is, is a feedback from others that we don’t really like and thus we take it personally. If we start to understand what are the common objections people have of network marketing (through proper coaching and training) and professionally help them see it differently that they may accept it, then we can actually reduce it or avoid it. Who wouldn’t want time and financial freedom? Almost everyone would want it, but yet because they don’t understand how network marketing can help them achieve it, most people will rather reject it first. Rejection is a natural process, not everyone will want to go with you to see a particular movie, is that a rejection as well? If everyone were to accept networking marketing business and join it, it will no longer be a ‘best kept secret’ anymore (!) Find a coach and learn the steps educate others the right way.
10. “What if I fail?” If business is something that you are looking to do, then network marketing is the most forgiving business out there. Failing in a restaurant business may probably set you back USD25,000 or more. But in network marketing, you don’t actually fail. You carry no inventory, no overhead or lease any office, you have no employees or legal fees, and you have virtually no capital risk (!) And since you can always start again (per the individual network marketing company’s policies) you actually get better and better as you go along. There is no failure in network marketing if you continue to be consistent and learn from each lesson, whether it was a good one or bad one. And that is why network marketing strengthens you mentally and develops your persistence and perseverance at the same time. Constantly believing in yourself that you will succeed leaves no room for failure(!)

Now that you have understood most of the common objections of network marketing, are you READY to know which one network marketing company matches your values and principles, while meeting all the advantages discussed earlier to create a exponential, franchise based, passive income business?


A company coming to a 30 year impeccable track record, publically listed on New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: NUS), operating in over 54 countries globally and growing and has an annual revenue of USD2.6Billion (2014). (With almost 70% of its revenue coming from Asia alone).

With so many network marketing companies out there, it is reassuring that Nu Skin Enterprises provides financial transparency and solid cash flow strength and reliability through quarterly reviews by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC); ultimately giving consumers and business builders the trust, stability and long term growth potential.

Rated 5A1 by Dunn & Bradstreet, the world’s leading credit rating company just shows how financially sound and secure this company is. Not even some well known global financial giants and banks have this rating!
Another recent development was a recognition by Forbes magazine in Jan 12th, 2009, where they ranked the TOP 10 shares to "BUY". And in that list, was Nu Skin Enterprises.

What is truly amazing, is the company’s vision; which is to become the world’s leading direct selling company by generating more income for distributors than any other company.

At the time of preparing this blog, 1184 distributors have earned over USD1 Million from Nu Skin Enterprises brilliant business plan of 5% 6 Generations. That is 1 Millionaire every 3 days! Proven results from a rock solid company.
Nu Skin Enterprises is a also proud member of the World Federation of Direct Selling Association. And we are also very honoured to have Truman Hunt, CEO of Nu Skin Enterprises as its Chairman in 2008, promoting the professionalism and integrity of the entire industry.

The Giving Culture

Nu Skin Enterprise’s mission statement:

Our mission is to be a force for good throughout the world by empowering people to improve lives with rewarding business opportunities, innovative products, and an enriching, uplifting culture.

NSE Values

It is with this culture of giving that Nu Skin Enterprises has a non-profit organization called the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation whose mission is to create a better world for children by improving human life, continuing indigenous cultures, and protecting fragile environments. It is amazing to note that they are actively involved in hundreds of projects all over the world and can be viewed at this website. (

Another touching area that Nu Skin has is through the Nourish the Children Initiative. This initiative unites Nu Skin Enterprises with their extensive worldwide distributor force in nourishing the world's hungry children. We are deeply troubled that every day more than 15,000 children around the world are dying from malnutrition. Every six seconds, a child dies of malnutrition and we believe, together, we will be able to save them.

Recently Nu Skin Enterprises was awarded a 2007 American Business Award (July) — better known as The Stevies — at the annual American Business Awards ceremony in New York City. Nu Skin Enterprises won the award in the Best Corporate Social Responsibility Program category for their Nourish the Children humanitarian initiative (2nd runners up was Shell Oil).

In addition, Nu Skin Malaysia was awarded the top 3 prize under Small Company Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) category during the inaugural
Prime Minister's CSR Award on 14 November 2007. The honour was given to Nu Skin Malaysia in connection to its help to Harvest Centre, to provide a healthy and happy learning environment for the children there. Nu Skin is one of the 21 winners out of 316 entries and the only network marketing company being awarded.

In 2009 January, Nu Skin Enterprises Singapore was awarded the certificate of merit for its Corporate Social Responsibility activities. It is the 1st network marketing company in Singapore to receive this award, putting them on the same league as other multi national companies, such as IBM, Fedex, Nokia, NEC.

Another interesting fact is the participation of professionals in Nu Skin Enterprises. Overall, in the network marketing industry, 35% who participate have tertiary education. However, in Nu Skin Enterprises, it is 65%! What do these professionals see in this fast growing industry?

A Global Business Trend
Since we are talking about leverage, the best way to generate wealth is to leverage on the largest economic trend in the world. This trend explains why, Gerber foods and Mattel Toys made fortunes in the 50’s and why is there a housing and motor vehicle boom in the 80’s. You see, after World War II ended, one third of the world's population was born within an 18-year period (1946-1964). These individuals are now known as the "Baby Boomers".

Now more than ever, the baby boomers of the 1950's are starting to see the signs of aging (now between 35 to 55 years of age). They're looking for the right solution to achieve young, healthy looking skin and body. And they have the resources to do it — Baby Boomers control more than 70% of all the wealth and account for more than 50% of consumer spending. (Ken Dychtwald, Ph.D., The Power Years, 2005).

Skin care industry-a huge expanding market.

Every year in the US, consumers spend over $12 Billion on skin care products to make them look and feel younger. In recent years, skin care has become the most talked about and fastest growing segment of the personal care industry. The facial skin care market in the United Sates boasted sales of over $6.7 billion and prestige skin care products generated sales of $5.3 billion in 2004 with both segments showing continued growth in the industry.

Exploding demand for wellness products.

"The Wellness Industry will grow to $1 trillion over the next ten years." (Paul Zane Pilzer, The Wellness Revolution, 2006) People are looking for better health and anti-aging products to make them look and feel younger. Paul Zane Pilzer, a world renowned economist, projects that the existing wellness-based services will grow from current sales of $300 billion to over $1 trillion in the next ten years!

Understanding these 2 powerful trends and putting them together into a complete business opportunity is what Nu Skin Enterprises does best. “We Promise to Create More Opportunities Than You can Handle!”- Blake Roney, Founder of Nu Skin Enterprises.

The Divisions
Nu Skin Enterprises is composed of 2 distinct divisions, providing a synergistic approach of a total wellness business opportunity. They are Nu Skin and Pharmanex.

Nu Skin Personal Care

Nu Skin is a leader in the skin care industry with scientifically advanced ingredient technologies and skin beneficial formulas comprised of only the best ingredients

Pharmanex Nutraceuticals

By applying pharmaceutical science techniques to nature's remedies, Pharmanex has become a leader in the health care industry

The Science
For over two decades, Nu Skin has passionately pursued the creation of products and resources to help millions of people around the world find their paths to a beautiful future. Founded in 1984 with a commitment to providing quality skin care that features only premium, wholesome ingredients, Nu Skin remains true to this "all of the good, none of the bad" heritage today, developing innovative products that support the health and longevity of skin and hair.Through partnerships with the Stanford University School of Medicine and the Nu Skin Professional Advisory Board — innovators in the fields of dermatology, ethnobotany, and nutritional and cosmetic sciences — we develop products that benefit from some of the most advanced ingredient technologies available today.

Furthermore the difference is clear: Pharmanex sets the industry standard for scientific integrity. Pharmanex scientists examine the natural, healthy processes that take place in the body and determine how nutritional supplementation can enhance these functions. After weighing these factors, only substances known to be safe and effective in promoting health are taken to the next stage of development.
Once selected, all Pharmanex ingredients are subjected to a stringent, scientific analysis known as the 6S® Quality Guarantee. This patented manufacturing process - based on selection, sourcing, structure, standardization, safety, and substantiation - enables Pharmanex to lead the pack in quality and efficacy. The company consistently meets or exceeds the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards set by the FDA for this product category.

Twice a year Nu Skin Enterprises Scientific Advisory Board meet to discuss the science, ingredient and formulation and product development direction. They consists of the world’s renowned distinguished scientists; such as Dr. Carl Djerassi – Father of the Contraceptive Pill, Dr. Lester Packer – Father of the Antioxidant Theory and Dr. Koji Nakanishi – Father of Gingko Biloba.

Today, more than 150 on staff scientists lead the Pharmanex research and development team. These scientists review published clinical and scientific studies to identify botanicals that may have health-promoting properties. Original research is also coordinated with more than 200 noted scientists from around the world, representing such institutions as Harvard, Stanford, UCLA, Columbia, Purdue, Peking University Health Science Center, Shanghai Medical University, and Peking University. Through these affiliations and extensive research, the Pharmanex difference becomes clear.

The Success Tools
As you can see how effectively Nu Skin Enterprises leverages off the Baby Boomer trends and beyond. They also have powerful tools that help business builders demonstrate the measurable difference. We can no longer rely on just talk; people are demanding for quality proven products and this is where Nu Skin Enterprises really shines.

Measuring your health!
Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner has transformed the way 10 million people globally look at their health, and has created a business opportunity like no other in the world. It's a revolutionary tool to measure the carotenoid antioxidant levels in your skin-and prove the effectiveness of your supplements in improving your overall antioxidant health. The Scanner provides a more accurate and reliable biomarker of your overall antioxidant health status than any other method of measuring antioxidants.

Pharmanex is the only company to licence the BioPhotonic Scanner technology from University of Utah’s Cancer Research facility. Over USD100Million was invested in the development of this revolutionary health testing device. It has 6 global patents and uses Sir CV Raman’s Nobel Prize winning technology. In fact, Pharmanex guarantees that your Skin Carotenoid Score will increase as you take LifePak® or g3™ regularly as directed!

Not surprisingly, Nu Skin Enterprises was awarded a 2005 American Business Award in June 6, 2005. Nu Skin Enterprises won the award in the Most Innovative Company category for the Pharmanex® BioPhotonic Scanner against other finalists like Oracle Corporation and PACCAR Inc. Last year's winner in the same category was United Parcel Service (UPS). Nu Skin Enterprises was recognized among other top companies that included AT&T, Procter & Gamble, Sprint, and Intuit and was the only direct selling company to receive a 2005 American Business Award.

BioPhotonic Scanner

Can you imagine what you can do with an exclusive technology only you have access to? It’s basically a Monopoly!

Bring Luxury Spa Results Home!
With the stress of modern life, spa treatments have become more than just occasional pampering, they are a requisite for looking and feeling great. The Nu Skin ® Galvanic Spa ™ System II brings the day spa home to you. Using cutting –edge, patent-pending technology with the Galvanic Spa, no appointment is necessary to smooth lines and wrinkles, rejuvenate your complexion, revitalize your scalp and renovate your body.

The Galvanic Spa uses self-adjusting, low level galvanic (electric) current that helps focus cellular energy and enhance circulation to facilitate the transport of key ingredients into the skin for improved cleansing, hydration, circulation and radiance. The gentle massaging action of each of the four attachments (face, treatment, body, scalp), combined with galvanic current, enhances circulation and draws vital nutrients to the outer layers of the skin. Studies have shown that a Nu Skin Galvanic Spa II Treatment may enhance active ingredient delivery 70% or more for up to 24 hours post-galvanic treatment. The below example was done in just 10 minutes. Notice the lines and wrinkles below the eyes on the picture on the left (before) and on the right (after). Amazing!

ageLOC Media Highlights

TR90 - The Right Approach to Weight Management!
In Malaysia (and other countries), we have a serious health concern. Just look at the recent statistics from Sin Chew Jit Poh on the 29th July 2007.

There are:
  • 8.7 million who have unhealthy diets (35%)
  • 7.2 million who don’t exercise (29%)
  • 6.4 million who have high cholesterol (26%)
  • 4 million are overweight (16%)
  • 2 million are obese (8%)!
And being overweight and obese are actually the leading health symptoms and causes of 5 major illnesses; diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, high uric acid and rheumatoid arthritis.

With so many weight management programs in the market, Pharmanex approach is called TR90. It is a 90 day coaching program that consists of the right nutrition, the right exercise and the right supplementation to effectively transform the body and re-educate a good food diet habit. Typically, The Right Approach will help a person reduce 6-12kg of weight by focussing on fat reduction and healthy muscle increase to improve a healthy metabolic rate in 90 days.
It is the only program in the market that is uniquely positioned like no other!These are just some of the powerful business tools that are exclusive to Nu Skin Enterprises. There are certainly many more that just can’t be covered in this article. However, you will want to find out more on how you can leverage them in this global wellness opportunity of a lifetime.
Are you ready for the income projections? How can you leverage this company, culture, products and science to create global residual/passive income?

The Compensation Plan

This is where it gets interesting. Business is about making people’s lives better. And as a profitable business, we need to make sure that the compensation plan makes sense. Consider opening a shop (franchise) and you have 30-40 regular customers who consume supplements and personal care products every month. You now earn a percentage of the sales of that shop.

When your friend (John) see that it is a potential business, you teach them to open one for themselves. They in turn get to earn a certain percentage of their sales too. However, since you have developed a business builder, Nu Skin Enterprises will compensate you 5% of John’s shops’ sales. And as John teaches Jane to do the same, you will now be compensated 5% of Jane’s shops sales as well. This will continue up to 6 generations!
This is a simple hypothetical example for you to understand:

Notice the Nu Skin Enterprises (Blue columns) pays 5% up to 6 generations of breakaway executives. Typical plans (E.g. Red Column) however, pay on a decreasing percentage. So for these companies, as your network gets larger exponentially, the residual or passive part of your income reduces (only $20,000). Nu Skin’s 5% 6 Generation pay plan fundamentally addresses the fact that every new person who joins Nu Skin Enterprises has exactly the same opportunity as the 1st person who joined before. Making it the fairest and most generous compensation work plan in the world. This unheard of 5% 6 Generation pay scheme has, over a period of 30 years generated USD10 Billion in commissions and produced more than 1184 USD millionaires! (Nov´15)

The Support System
In this society, we cannot function independently. In his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Steven Covey states that as we progress from winning our private victory and become trustworthy, we must move towards working interdependently (or winning the public victory) with others by creating mutual trust and a synergistic teamwork. And this is absolutely true in network marketing.

The support team that will assist you in creating a global business is Nu Skin Enterprises, the regional and local support teams, the 6 levels of uplines and an alliance of sidelines who are committed to Making a Difference Everyday! Other than that, we have a complete, systematic and structured business and product education system; which provides certification and trainers training to facilitate duplication and education to customers.

In addition, Nu Skin Enterprises has an expert system that will be able to answer questions on business, products, ingredients and recommendations within 48 hours. So, that means that one may not necessarily be an expert in nutrition and wellness to build a wellness based business.

All you need is a heart to care and help others create choices in life.
"Business is about solving problems." - T Harv. Eker.
"The best way to predict the future, is to create it." Abraham Lincoln.